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The Restful Pump Chair is the first forward-leaning, ergonomic positioning system engineered for women to breast pump while they rest, sleep or multitask while also decreasing the risk of breast tissue complications.

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About Restful Pump

Pump While You Rest

Introducing the Restful Pump™ Company, a pioneering brand that has revolutionized the breastfeeding experience for mothers with their groundbreaking Restful Pump Chair. The Restful Pump™ Chair is a Top 5 Finalist for the Kind + Jugend Innovations Awards 2022 and had a call back for Shark Tank in 2023!

Restful Pump™ was created by mother and physical therapist Micolene Boddie, PT when she could not find any ergonomic breast pumping equipment in the market to help with her breast pumping struggles. Now Micolene is determined to help moms around the globe meet their breast pumping goals.

Restful Pump™ has been trailblazing with their novel technological innovations and growing their lucrative intellectual property portfolio globally.

Restful Pump™ stands at the forefront of innovation in the breastfeeding/ breast pumping industry, empowering mothers with the Restful Pump Chair, their lightweight travel version, the Stand Alone Table,  accompanying accessories and exciting space saving engineering with additional novel product development.


Our Products

By prioritizing comfort, convenience and health, these novel innovations physically support mothers with their breast pumping journey, assisting them to create vital nourishment for their infants while reducing stress for restoration of postpartum physical and mental health.

The Restful Pump Chair, in conjunction with the Breast-Rest accessory, assist in managing medical conditions such as:

  • Clogged milk ducts
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Breast pain and discomfort
  • Breast Abscess
  • Cracked, blistered, bleeding nipples
  • Injured breast or nipple tissue
  • Mammary Constriction Syndrome

With proper positioning, the Restful Pump Chair’s customizable ergonomic features reduce strain on the spine, neck and shoulders, promoting a more comfortable, effective and productive pumping experience.

Restful Pump Chair

Restful Pump™

Forward leaning, ergonomic hands-free breast pumping Chair
Now Moms can rest, sleep or multi- task while they use any type of breast pump. Our adjustable bottle sliders and special bottle holders support optimal milk expression. Our hands-free positioning allows for the user to perform unilateral or bilateral breast massage with each pump session.

Stand Alone Table

Restful Pump™
Stand-Alone Table

The Pump Table of the Restful Pump Chair detaches and can be transformed into the Stand-Alone Table by installing the additional accessory support legs and leg support system. Now, mom can use her own chair or stand to dangle pump.

This unit may also be purchased as its own entity.

Restful Pump™

Additional accessories like the Breast-Rest™ and other IP protected Class 1 medical devices to soon be engineered for the ease and comfort of mothers in the Infant Nursery and/or NICU.
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Features & Applications​

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For Investors

Be a part of the next step in our journey and discover the opportunity and possibilities that Restful Pump™ can provide to healthcare organizations, lactation centers and the breast pumping industry.

With over 10 patents pending in multiple countries, one patent approved and recognition from organizations like Shark Tank and Kind+Jugend, the time to invest is now

breastfeeding research

Request a copy of our white paper, What is Medically Necessary to Provide Optimal Health Benefits to Postpartum Women and for Infant Feeding. Click here to request the white paper.

Restful Pump Research study

Join our Research Studies! We are looking for healthcare professionals to participate in our Breastfeeding & Pumping research study to help mothers during the postpartum period. Click here to start the survey.

Restful Pump’s Restful Pump™ Chair is a Top 5 Finalist for the Kind + Jugend Innovations Awards 2022. The international leading trade fair for premium baby and toddler products, in Cologne, Germany.

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For Medical Professionals

If you are a healthcare professional in the women’s health space, we would be interested in hearing from you! 

We believe that what sets the Restful Pump™ Chair apart from other breast pumping solutions is its experience for the mother. With two different forward-leaning supportive positions, mothers can rest and pump or effortlessly multitask.

With proper positioning, the chair’s ergonomic features reduce strain on the spine and shoulders, promoting a more effective pumping experience.

The chair’s innovative design also reduces stress by allowing moms to rest or complete work tasks in a hands-free workstation that is not restrictive. Unlike breast pumping bras which can be too restrictive and shown to cause breast tissue complications, the Restful Pump™ Chair allows the mom to multitask without the added confines of a bra.

The Dangle Pumping option minimizes the risk of clogged ducts, while the hands-free pumping feature enables moms to perform self-breast massage during pump sessions, reducing the likelihood of medical complications.

Let us know what you think! We are dedicated to helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals and we hope that you take the time to give us some feedback.



Listen to what one of our moms has to say about the Restful Pump™ Chair.


Restful PumpTM Develops Prototype for First-to-Market Forward Leaning Ergonomic Lactation System

BOSTONNov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Restful Pump, Inc., a company based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, has developed a prototype for the first-to-market forward-leaning ergonomic lactation system. 

The Restful Pump Chair is a Class I Medical Device that allows women to rest, sleep, or multitask in a supportive hands-free position while they use any breast pump. These units offer comfort, convenience, and productivity while possibly reducing breast tissue complications and increasing pumping durations.

With a doctor’s prescription, this product aims to be as medically necessary as a breast pump in the postpartum period. Users can also nurse their babies while sitting on the chair rather than leaning forward.

In a recent survey, over 90% of anonymous survey participants showed interest in the Restful Pump product line, and there is massive potential for annual recurring revenue for investors. The device currently has seven patents pending, and one USPTO patent approved….

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