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"The Restful Pump chair is an absolute game-changer for those of us who need to pump frequently. As someone who induced lactation twice (which means pumping around the clock for months on end...), I really wish this chair existed the first time I induced lactation! Induced lactation is already a challenging process, and the constant pumping can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. The Restful Pump chair transformed my pumping sessions from stressful and cumbersome to a peaceful and hands-free experience. Imagine being able to sit in a supportive, leaning forward position, relax, and even close your eyes while the chair securely holds all your pump parts in place. No more juggling bottles, adjusting straps, or worrying about spilling precious milk. The design is not just convenient; it's a comfort for tired arms and aching shoulders. This chair truly understands the needs of exclusive pumpers. Its thoughtful features, like adjustable settings and comfortable padding, make those long pumping sessions a lot more bearable. I no longer dreaded the hours spent attached to my pump; instead, I found solace in the quiet moments the Restful Pump chair provided. I cannot recommend this chair enough to anyone going through the demanding process of pumping frequently, whether you are an exclusive pumper, someone who pumps at work, or inducing lactation. It's not just a chair; it's a partner in the journey, giving you the support and freedom you need to focus on what truly matters—nourishing your little one with love and dedication." - Rebekah Kimminau
Rebekah Kimminau - IBCLC, CPST and Owner of The Baby Gear Consultant
TikTok: @thebabygearconsultant
Instagram: @thebabygearconsultant
Website: thebabygearconsultant.com
"It is my belief that in a hospital setting, mothers would greatly benefit from the use of a comfortable, hands-free, pumping positioning system. The Restful Pump® chair would be an asset not only for patients, but also hospital staff, given that many members of the healthcare team are also pumping for their infants while at work. As a nurse, nurse, educator, and mother, I believe that Restful Pump® will both enable and empower women to provide breastmilk to their newborns and is worth the investment for both patients and employees in the hospital setting." - Brigid Gosselin RN, BSN, Maternal/Newborn Nurse Educator
Brigid Gosselin RN, BSN, Maternal/Newborn Nurse Educator
"One doesn't often see the words- Restful and Pump together! This chair is ideal for a busy Mom, a tired Mom, a new Mom... really EVERY MOM! The position of the chair provides ease for a Mom to pump while resting, working, reading a book, watching tv and much more. As someone with hip pain. I was able to customize the chair for my comfort. This is incredibly helpful to avoid having a tight neck and shoulders while pumping. I wish I had one of these chairs in my home! Hospitals and Moms who are fortunate enough to have one of these chairs will absolutely LOVE it!" - Kristen Sully StAmour
Kristen Sully StAmour

"I did a trial of the Restful Pump® Chair as a Mom with experience exclusively breastfeeding two babies. I went back to work when both babies were three months old and I pumped at work twice every shift. I was lucky to have my own office and just lock myself in and keep working. Not every Mom is so lucky! I can see the value of the detachable table option on the pump for many working mamas! The Stand Alone Table folds up, travels easily, and really enhances the chair when it is attached on there. In larger corporate offices I could definitely see it being an investment piece for companies that provide a private room for working Moms. This chair is great for any Mom that needs to work or take a break a pump!" - Crystal Perna RN, BSN
Crystal Perna RN, BSN
"I wish The Restful Pump® Chair was available when I was pumping. The convenience of being able to pump in the upright position while I worked on my computer would have helped me get things done for work. While the comfort of being able to pump in the more forward leaning position at night (with the peak of my lactation hormones while I could rest) would help me be even more productive for my family and my job. I love it! I was able to find several comfortable positions that make pumping less stressful. Fantastic product for us women!" - Cheryl Wirth LeDuc
Cheryl Wirth LeDuc
"The comfort and convenience of the pump is such a gift to a new mom. To be able to pump in comfort is so different than anything I've seen or tried before. This is going to make a lot of women very happy." - Christine Tallman Johnson
Christine Tallman Johnson
"How many times does a busy mom get to sit down? Hardly, right? So when she finally gets a moment to sit down, it's also her time to pump. Ugh. Sitting in the Restful Pump® chair made it enjoyable to pump, relax, and let me my milk flow. If I had one of these in my home, I would look forward to pumping, and could even imagine my milk flow increasing because I'd be relaxed every time I sat down to pump. Looking forward to seeing these chairs come onto the market!" - Amanda G.
Amanda G.

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