Pump While You Sleep®

Helping moms relax in a comfortable forward-leaning ergonomic position to possibly express an increased volume of milk while they pump hands-free and rest or sleep.

Can Moms pump leaning backward to rest?  The short answer is yes but not well.

Learning how to make breast pumping more comfortable can be the difference between the longevity of pumping or giving up pumping altogether.


  1. Gravity reduced positioning for spine (neck and shoulder) health for repeated / prolonged pumping sessions.
  2. New Moms can sit on the padded seat and lean forward onto the soft adjustable chest/tummy  pads and plush adjustable headrest. 
  3. Protective seat belt to ensure safety while resting or sleeping.
  4. Breast suction is performed by Moms’ own flanges and pumping bottles, securely fastened into the adjustable and lockable bottle slide holders, independent of each side.
  5. Mom can rest / sleep / or multitask with a device, while having access to her pump on the pump table, with or without the headrest for laptop use.
  6. Hind wheels option to add for easy maneuverability in the home.
  7. Fold up capabilities for storage. Weighs less than 50#.
  8. Travel case with cooler for pumped milk and pockets for the users pump and pump accessory included.

Accessories included with packing

(2) Bottle Sliders (black)

(2) Upright Bottle Holders (gray 3-D printed)


(2) Slightly Angled Bottle Holders (gray 3-D printed)

(1) Headrest base post with cushion

(1) Chest Pad with Velcro for easy attachment

(1) Donut pad for extra comfort leaning forward OR for sitting on the Restful Pump Chair in the upright position and leaning back onto the cushions to breastfeed the baby while sitting on the chair.

(4) Breast pump bottles with flanges in the photo to demonstrate use of the unit. Breast pump accessories and breast pump not included.