Restful Pump Chair

Restful Pump® Chair

Rested Mommy = Happy Mommy®

Helping moms relax in a comfortable forward-leaning ergonomic position while expressing milk. They can pump hands-free and either rest, relax or multitask.

Learning how to make breast pumping more comfortable can be the difference between the longevity of pumping or giving up pumping altogether.

Micolene Boddie   / Mom, PT, and Founder of Restful Pump®

How to Get the Restful Pump® Chair

Order Online

Individuals can make a reservation to rent or purchase the chair online on our Restful Pump® Shop site.

Wholesale Orders

Retailers, Corporate or Professional Facilities, and Lactation Suites; Call us for more information.


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Product Features

  1. Gravity reduced positioning for prolonged pumping sessions.
  2. New Moms can sit on the padded seat and lean forward on a supported chest/tummy pad and plush headrest.
  3. Mom uses her own pump and accessories.
  4. Adjustable bottle sliders, securely fastened into lockable bottle slide holders for individual needs.
  5. Mom can rest or multitask with a device, while having access to her pump, with or without the headrest.
  6. Weighs less than 50 lbs.
  7. Travel case for the chair with extra space for the  users pump and pump accessories.

Upright position
with headrest on

Workstation, Upright position
with headrest off

Forward Leaning Position with headrest on

Compact for Small Spaces

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