Hello New Moms!

My name is Micolene Boddie
Mom, and Founder of Restful Pump, Inc.

Congratulations on your new baby!

As a self-employed private practice physical therapist with two beautiful sons, I understand having a new baby is exciting, yet exhausting.​

Breastfeeding can be difficult. Breast pumping can also present its own challenges. On day 6 of my first-born baby’s life, I hadn’t slept for days. I loved watching this incredible new life wiggle around in my laundry basket, but I clearly couldn’t stay awake for 7 days in a row, with only 10-15 minute naps here and there. The sleep I was getting was not nearly enough rest for just haven given birth.

With my second, I was determined to do a better job. I did more research and learned that Board Certified Lactation Specialists highly recommend pumping at least once between 1am and 6am. So, I figured, IF this is when the milk producing hormones are at their highest, I will just set my alarm for 2am, sit on my nursing chair and pump. Every. Night. For at least 6 months. This led to a temporary indentation on my forehead as I leaned forward to rest on the ottoman, pumping, and praying that my babies did not wake. It also gave me time to think… WHEN and HOW are Moms supposed to sleep?

There HAS TO BE a better way. So, Restful Pump, Inc. was born.

At Restful Pump, we aim to help ALL Moms that pump by providing the best ergonomically comfortable, most stress reducing, hands-free breast pumping stations so Moms can rest, sleep, or multitask while they pump. With variable supportive forward leaning positions and a potential reduction in stress, perhaps Moms would express a larger volume of milk. When Moms have an opportunity to rest while they pump (or even multitask), perhaps they may be encouraged to pump for a longer duration per pump session or even reach their 6–12-month milestones, providing the best ‘Liquid Gold’ for their babies.

Don’t forget to take care of you. We are cheering for you!
Rested Mommy = Happy Mommy®
Micolene, PT, MSPT, ATC, CSCS,
Founder of Restful Pump,
Brock & Kolton,
& The Restful Pump, Inc. Team

Micolene is also the Founder of My Total Shoulder, Inc., a company that owns six shoulder rehabilitation and training device patents. These devices assist individuals with pre/post-operative, neuromuscular compromise, physical therapy/telehealth, exercise and conditioning, and possible surgical applications for upper extremity injury or upper quadrant medical diagnoses.