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Restful Pump®

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About Restful Pump®

Pump While You Rest

Introducing the Restful Pump® Company, a pioneering brand that has revolutionized the breastfeeding experience for mothers with their groundbreaking Restful Pump® Chair.

Restful Pump® was created by mother and physical therapist Micolene Boddie, PT when she could not find any ergonomic breast pumping equipment in the market to help with her breast pumping struggles. Now Micolene is determined to help moms around the globe meet their breast pumping goals.

Restful Pump® has been trailblazing with their novel technological innovations and growing their lucrative intellectual property portfolio globally.

Restful Pump® stands at the forefront of innovation in the breastfeeding / breast pumping industry, empowering mothers.


Our Product

Upright position
with headrest on

Workstation, Upright position with headrest off

Forward Leaning Position with headrest on

for Small Spaces


Features & Applications​

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For Wholesalers:

Have your store be the first to market this innovative solution.

Forward leaning, ergonomic, hands-free, breast pumping positioning system.

Restful Pump’s Mission is to enable postpartum mothers so they may rest or multitask while they use any type of breast pump.

Where to find us

Women's Health
Innovation Summit

Hosted By Meg Ryan

Pumpspotting at
Brigham and Women's Hospital

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We believe that what sets the Restful Pump® Chair apart from other breast pumping solutions is the experience for the mother. With two different forward-leaning supportive positions, mothers can rest and pump or effortlessly multitask.  This can be sold and used in the home or in lactation suites around the nation.

With proper positioning, the chair’s ergonomic features reduce strain on the spine and shoulders, promoting a more effective pumping experience.



Listen to what one of our moms has to say about the Restful Pump® Chair.

Restful Pump® Develops Prototype for First-to-Market Forward Leaning Ergonomic Lactation System

BOSTONNov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Restful Pump®, Inc., a company based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, has developed a prototype for the first-to-market forward-leaning ergonomic lactation system.

The Restful Pump® Chair allows women to rest or multitask in a supportive hands-free position while they use any breast pump. These units offer comfort, convenience, and productivity.

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