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The Restful Pump Chair 

The World’s first forward leaning, ergonomic hands-free breast pumping station. Now Moms can rest, sleep or multi- task while they pump. Our adjustable bottle sliders and special bottle holders support the forward leaning position with the goal of optimal milk expression. Our hands-free positioning allows for the user to perform unilateral or bilateral breast massage with each pump session.

The Stand Alone Table (SAT) 

The Pump Table of the Restful Pump Chair detaches and can be transformed into the SAT by installing the additional accessory support legs and leg support system. This unit may also be purchased as its own entity with accessories included.

Now, mom can use her own chair, travel with the unit, or dangle the pump. This may also be preferable for smaller spaces.

Dangle pumping 

is when the mother stands and leans over the table while pumping. This method utilizes gravity to pull milk from the breasts. This may be medically necessary in the case of mastitis or a clogged duct.

Surface Unit

For smaller spaces, this independent bottle slider surface unit is a hands -free breast pump station to be used with or without the headrest.

Attach to any surface like a desk, a table, or kitchen table overhang.

Other products includes Sounds Suppressor (Quell), Independent bottle sliders (counter unit), Angled / Upright Bottle Holder Accessories

Restful Pump is also in the process of creating accessories for the products including a pump sound supressor, independently sold bottle holders to attach to your own table, travel cases, and more.

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Patents Pending

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