NOW, there is an opportunity to be supported with TRUE DANGLE PUMPING.

Dangle Pumping

With the Stand Alone Table, if you are medically able to comfortably stand and lean forward onto the table, then place your breasts in your breast shields and your head onto the adjustable headrest. Your arms can comfortably rest on the table. Breast suction is performed by Moms’ own flanges and pumping bottles, securely fastened into the adjustable and lockable bottle sliders with our patent pending, angled bottle holders.

TIP: To dangle pump, you’ll need to lean forward far enough so that your breasts are dangling toward the floor – you’ll want your nipples pointing straight down. Position the breast shield over your nipple and begin pumping as normal. You’ll want to do breast compressions and massage, especially in the affected area, to help work the plug out.


  1. Sit on a stable, height appropriate, non-skid chair.
  2. Headrest – adjust to comfort or remove completely to create a hands-free pumping work station.
  3. Place breasts in your own flanges. Place pump bottles into our independent lockable bottle slide holders on each side.
  4. Lean forward with your head in the plush adjustable headrest.
  5. Mom can rest or multitask with a device, while having access to her pump on the pump table.
  6. Fold up capabilities for travel. Travel case available with cooler and section for breast pump and pumping accessories. Light weight 30#.