Hands-free pumping unit for smaller spaces. This unit is to be affixed to a table, desk or kitchen island overhang. The headrest is completely removable to create a supportive hands-free pumping workstation at home or at the office. Or, rest comfortably in the headrest while you pump hands-free. This unit is not meant for sleeping.

The bottles may be lock into place in multiple planes of motion to fit the user

  • Up / Down
  • Forwards / Backwards
  •  Rotation
  • *This unit also allows for side to side variability with each independent bottle slider apparatus

Upright bottle holders fit into this unit for upright pumping

Angled bottled holders fit securely into this unit and are available for dangle pumping.

The Breast-Rest also attaches to this stand alone Independent Bottle Slider unit for the table, desk or counter.