The Breast-Rest TM for the Restful Pump Chair

The Breast-Rest Accessory attaches to all 3 main Restful Pump Products

  1. The Restful Pump Chair center base
  2. The Restful Pump Stand Alone Table, adjustable headrest base support
  3. The Surface Unit, adjustable headrest base support

This support is adjustable from the horizontal plane to 15 degrees of a descending slope to allow for breast drainage, rest and healing in either of the Restful Pump Chair’s forward leaning positions. It also attaches to the center post of the Stand Alone Table and/or our Surface Unit.

The Breast-RestTM acts as a resting space for injured breast tissue to heal. It allows for contactless positioning of most of the breast and nipples. Users may apply moist hot packs, cold wraps, cabbage, healing ointments, etc. Just wear a robe or other comfortable loose fitting clothing without the concern of ointments staining clothing or other furniture.

Hands-free positioning with Restful Pump allows Moms to massage one or both breasts while resting and healing with the Breast-RestTM Accessory.

May be used to help manage: •
  • Clogged duct(s)
  • Breast tissue complication
  • Any surgical breast tissue healing
  • Maternal breast tissue healing
  • Cracked, blistered or bleeding nipples
  • Breast abscess, mastitis, breast infections
  • Breast Candidiasis (Raynaud’s in the breast)
  • Other breast related medical diagnoses

SAT legs and table support

Stand Alone Table

This lightweight travel version of the Restful Pump Chair is perfect for Moms at home, at work or on the go.

Option 1.
Purchase the Stand Alone Table separately from the Restful Pump Chair with the legs, leg support system and headrest components included with the carry case.

Option 2.
Transform the Restful Pump Chair into the Stand Alone Table.
Purchase the Accessories RPC Transformation Kit which enables the mom to have 2 special pump stations!
Detach the Pump Table from the Restful Pump Chair.
Install the Accessories to the Pump Table.

2 Pump Table legs, leg support system, headrest base with cushion.

The Bassinet Chair

This bassinet securely attaches to the Restful Pump Chair on to a multiaxial connector where the Pump Table attaches. The base arm and leg of the bassinet smoothly swivel the unit, safely right to left for the mom to nurse the infant on the right or left sides.

The baby lives on the baby bed (tray like bed with handles for easy transport) and is not disturbed. The baby bed can be swiftly transferred between the baby’s bed, an examining table, an incubator or secured into the Restful Pump Bassinet for hands-free nursing.

The base of the unit is a baby scale and there are length measurements (in cm) along the top front side.


The QuellTM

Patent Pending
Pump Sound Suppressor

Suppress the Sounds of the Breast Pump.

New Moms can rest easy.

Meet Quell

The world’s first patent pending pump cover to quiet the sounds of breast pumping. Pump with quiet ease in the workplace and around your sleeping babies.
Now Mom can rest soundly without the typical disturbances of the pump.
(Because no one wants to hear the thing.)

One size fits all (let’s be honest…one size fits most)…That’s why we have a patent pending for customized pump sound suppressor covers for breastpumps of all sizes, all companies, all makes and models.

Clear cover to see and operate the pump.
Rigid pump vent support for proper air flow and cooling.

Bottle Sliders

  • Adjustable bottle sliders move forward and backwards under the Pump Table
  • Just press the spring lock mechanism under the table to insert the bottle slider on each side and release the spring lock at the user’s setting.

Bottle Holders

Upright Bottle Holder

  • For pumping in an upright position on the Restful Pump Chair
  • For pumping in an upright position using the Stand Alone Table.

Slightly Angled Bottle Holder

  • This bottle holder places the breast into more of a forward angled position
  • Use this simple bottle holder with The Restful Pump Chair or the Stand Alone Table

Angled Bottle Holder

  • Use this simple bottle holder that changes the angle of the bottle and flange to ensure proper suction with pumping.
  • This angled bottle holder allows for the user to dangle pump while being supported with the Stand Alone Table

Breast Pump Flange Extensions

  • Restful Pump owns 1 USPTO patent and 2 additional patents pending for a breast pump flange accessory.
  • This Flange extension is adjustable and locks into various positions to ensure comfort and secure fit for proper suction with breast pumping.

Travel Cases

The Stand Alone Table and Restful Pump Chair will most likely be packaged inside their cases for purchase, rental or insurance reimbursement in the USA. It is still necessary to keep it as an accessory listed here but want to be clear about the product because the User that purchases the Restful Pump Chair, may want or need an additional case for the Stand Alone Table.

The travel case specifically for the Stand Alone Table will be engineered differently than the travel case for the Restful Pump Chair. The SAT leg and table support system will need its own place to live.

  • Travel easily with this lightweight carry case for the Stand Alone Table.
  • The Foam insert protects the bottle sliders
  • Pockets sewn in for the pump and pump accessories
  • Insulated cooler sewn in for an ice pack and pumped milk
Restful Pump Chair Base Case
  • Wheels on the bottom
  • Attaches to the Pump Table Case, include backpack straps.
Pump Table Case (For the Restful Pump Chair)
  • Attaches to the Base Case for the Restful Pump Chair.
  • Padded foam insert for pump table accessories.
  • Includes a cooler pocket for pumped milk and pockets for the pump and pump accessories.
Restful Pump Stand Alone Table Case
  • For the lightweight travel unit, The Stand Alone Table
  • Includes backpack straps.
  • Padded foam insert for pump table accessories.
  • Secure space for the accessory legs and leg support system
  • Includes a cooler pocket for pumped milk and pockets for the pump and pump accessories.

Wheel Castors

  • Attach castor wheels to the hind legs of the Restful Pump Chair to enable easy maneuverability in the home.
  • Wheels must be locked or removed for the user to use the Restful Pump Chair.

Extra Padding and Headrest Base

The headrest base sold separately.

Chest Pad

Donut Pad


Headrest Base

Headrest Cushion